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Part 1:

A: The discovery of the gravitational waves have tremendous incept on the scientific community.  Not only a confirmation of the creation of black hole, but also give the humanity's ability to observe the universe in a totally new way.  So great the impact has on the scientific field that gravitational waves have the potential to show scientists totally new features of cosmic objects.


Main body:

1.No one knew for sure if black holes actually merged together to create even more-massive black holes, but now there's physical proof.


2."The discovery of the gravitational waves set a new signal new set of signals from the universe that our previous technologies did not allow us to receive, study and learn from"LIGO team member Vassiliki (Vicky) Kalogera, a professor of physics and astronomy at Northwestern University in Illinois, told Space.com


3.The discovering of the gravitational waves will make the observatory — which consists of two big detectors, one in Louisiana and the other in Washington state— more sensitive to gravitational waves.The observatory has the potential to locate these objects or events before light-based telescopes can do so. (http://www.space.com/31922-gravitational-waves-detection-what-it-means.html)



The discovery for the gravitational waves is great, more than within the milky way